AMSketcher – Visual application for building knowledge-based geometry models

AMSketcher is a visual application for building knowledge-based geometry models using the underlying Adaptive Modeling Language (AML).

Knowledge-based geometry modeling enables engineers to embed complex intelligence within geometry models, such as rules, logic, standards, and mathematical formulas. Since AMSketcher is built on AML, this intelligence can even be linked to external applications, such as physics-based analysis programs.

Parametric modeling, which is common in CAD programs, is a subset of knowledge-based geometry modeling. As such, AMSketcher includes parametric modeling, and makes it very easy to define relationships between geometry features. This ensures that when changes are made anywhere in the model, all dependent features will be regenerated correctly.

With the AML Advanced Geometry module, AMSketcher can be used to generate meshes for structural and aerodynamic analysis.

In conjunction with AMOpt », AMSketcher is a powerful tool for optimizing a product’s shape and configuration. Gradient-based optimization methods can be used for shape optimization, while a genetic algorithm can be used to automatically search through thousands of discrete design configurations and ultimately present a set of good alternatives to the engineer for further study.