Engineering Services

TechnoSoft offers an advanced object-oriented engineering framework with an underlying modeling language, the Adaptive Modeling Language (AML).

Since its initial release in 1992, the AML framework has successfully been applied in the development and deployment of applications and services for a multitude of challenging engineering problems, including automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial applications.

AML has since evolved to incorporate advanced computing technology including distributed dynamic object computing and multidisciplinary design optimization.

TechGroup » provides inspection and integrity analysis services. Inspection services include a large array of NDE technologies including ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, visual, magnetic flux leakage, and vacuum box testing. The AMGroup team includes certified inspectors to conduct tank evaluations, generate detailed reports on inspection findings and repair recommendations, and perform post-repair services.


TechnoSoft offers a team of experts dedicated to assisting customers with engineering design and process planning applications. TechnoSoft engineers and developers apply advanced technology to develop custom engineering environments and applications. We offer exceptional service and support, all geared toward making you more productive and competitive. Our consulting rates are generally charged per day in addition to travel expenses.

Pilot Project

Customer relationships with TechnoSoft often start with a relatively small pilot project. These projects focus on the development of an application, in which our team of AML experts works closely with the customer’s team of engineering experts on a specific product and its associated processes. Pilot projects typically last between two and six months, normally providing ample time for the customer to deploy the application and achieve a positive return on investment in the first year. Pilot projects are also an excellent opportunity for our customers’ AML developers to build their skills by working alongside TechnoSoft.

AML Training

TechnoSoft offers two (2) five-day training courses for the AML product. Each course starts with three days of lecture and exercises covering AML objects and functionality, followed by two days of project work. The project is oriented toward the customer’s intended application. TechnoSoft’s AML experts assist the customer in the application’s initial functional specifications and architecture to begin the implementation and development.
AML training courses accelerate the customer’s progress in the initial application development toward a successful implementation. It is strongly recommended to take the first course and start with the application development and then return for the second course after three to six weeks.

TIE Training

TechnoSoft offers a two-day training course on the TIE product covering the ability to interface, link, and control distributed models and analysis applications The following topics are included in the training: rapid conceptual model development, integration of legacy application programs, native geometry model creation/integration, links to CAD systems, links to Excel, and data processing/extraction tools. If desired, TIE training can be accelerated to one day.


Please Contact » TechnoSoft for pricing information regarding consulting and training. Consulting and training courses can be provided at TechnoSoft’s headquarters in Cincinnati or at a customer’s site. Travel expenses are invoiced separately.