Emissions Monitoring and Control System Design

TechnoSoft has developed a highly automated, knowledge-based engineering system for designing complete emissions monitoring equipment racks. Primary inputs to the system are simply which gases to check for. Secondary (optional) inputs include things like which EPA regulations to follow, support contract options for service and spare parts, selection of calibration gases, sensitivities of analyzers, selection of pumps, conditioners, dryers, tubing, valves, cabinet width (NEMA standards), selection of air conditioners or fans, etc. All of these inputs have default selections based on rules that are embedded in the system, but they can be overridden by the user. System outputs include a 3D model of the cabinet and all analyzer components (laid out based on rules), schematics for the entire system, detailed drawings of the assembly and components, bill of materials text report, and a detailed price quote in Microsoft Word document format.

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