AML is an object-oriented, knowledge-based engineering modeling framework. AML enables multidisciplinary modeling and integration of the entire product and process development cycle. No other commercial framework or development environment provides the full range of capabilities that AML includes out of the box.

In the design and analysis phases, geometry is often the center of a product’s definition. AML provides a geometry-centric environment with support for both manifold and non-manifold solid, surface, and wireframe modeling capabilities.


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AMCentral is a web services based repository for managing all types of engineering data, including analysis results, spreadsheets, CAD models, FEA models, documentation, as well as AML models and source code. Configuration management functionality includes access control, version tracking, release management, and workflow automation. In summary, AMCentral provides the ability to:

  • Access product and process data over the web
  • Define workflow events and triggers
  • Manage models and data access privileges
  • Track activity at user and project levels


AMViews is an XML-based model browser and inspection environment. It is an easy to use tool for viewing and annotating product and process model data, geometry, analysis results, and simulations. In addition, the available “Net Conference” mode enables real-time collaboration among team members across local and global computer networks.

AMPublish enables the export of XML-based models out of AMCentral. It provides the ability to publish a model’s object hierarchy, properties, and associations to linked applications, such as CAD models, spreadsheets, documents, AML systems, or TIE models.
Both AMViews and AMPublish can be extended to support the data formats of third-party applications.

AMLink automates the execution of workflow events associated with external applications. Through AML or TIE, foreign applications can be integrated so that their inputs and outputs can be automatically managed in AMCentral, exported via AMPublish, and viewed in AMViews. In essence, AMLink closes the loop in the execution of workflow processes that involve external applications, allowing even non-technical personnel to drive the most sophisticated engineering design and analysis models across the Internet or within a secure intranet.

In summary, the AMEnterprise suite enables rapid collaborative evaluation, study, and comparison of design alternatives, reducing the time for processing engineering product changes.