Distributed Modeling Manager

Distributed Modeling Manager enables synchronous collaborative modeling between TIE and/or AML models running on distributed, disparate computing platforms.

The DMM enables engineers to expose a selection of variables from a model over the network so that they can be interfaced with other models. When changes are made to these linked variables, the DMM automatically updates any associated models in real-time. This allows engineers to collaborate on design projects that span organizational or corporate boundaries without exposing proprietary information.



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TechnoSoft’s Remote eXecution Manager (RXM) is used to automate and control the execution of batch programs through the DMM. For example, a legacy program running on a UNIX machine can be executed by a TIE model running on Microsoft Windows, and all of the associated input and output files can be sent and retrieved to and from the remote machine automatically. To protect proprietary or sensitive data, access to the RXM can be controlled by DMM authentication settings, and all data passed between machines is encrypted.

RXM and TIE can submit jobs directly to Platform Computing LSF computer clusters to help take advantage of under-utilized computing power and speed up computation of high-fidelity analyses or parallelize runs of trade studies, design of experiments, stochastic simulations, or genetic algorithms.