Process Integration

Process integration allows software tools to be linked together so that data flows seamlessly between them. In the engineering domain, process integration is used to streamline design processes and enable multidisciplinary trade studies and Optimization ».

The primary motivation for process integration is that organizations want to use their existing tools in a more efficient manner. The existing toolset may include legacy programs (typically C or Fortran file-based programs), spreadsheets, CAD models, cost models, finite element analyses, databases, PDM systems, etc.

Process integration software includes built-in methods for:

  • Communicating with or “automating” tools, both locally and across a network.
  • Linking and transforming data between tools.
  • Managing dependencies and tool execution.
  • Iterating design variables and tracking results for design convergence, trade studies, or optimization.
  • Parallel and distributed computation.
  • Post-processing results to display data visualizations or perform statistical analysis.

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